Aloha Now! The long anticipated sophomore pattern release of Andrew Bawidamann, a perfectly blended combination of traditional tiger stripe meets the cult classic "Apocalypse Now." Choose from either a blue or green theme...or grab both!

TXC Holsters takes pride in every product we offer, as all holsters are proudly hand-made in Texas. This is an extremely limited run, with an extended lead time, as all kydex sheets have to be individually printed. Due to COVID19 and the strange apocalyptic (no pun intended) times, we will probably also open up orders again for a weekend at the beginning of fall 2020, to give everyone an equal opportunity. 

 Available for our X1, X1: Pro ALLY, Beacon, and Victory holster collections for an initial run the entire month of May. 



1. To optimally match the colors, the green version is printed on desert tan kydex and the blue version is printed on white kydex. White kydex looks great from the factory but discolors very easily, often from just holstering and reholstering your pistol. This is purely cosmetic, considered normal wear and tear, and is not covered under the TXC warranty.

2. We only have molds for the pistols and pistol/light combos listed in the gun model drowdown tab. If your pistol isn't listed, we unfortunately don't have the option.

3. These holsters come pre-manufactured in the shown configuration. If you want to add another clip, a Steady Flex kit, etc. to your holster, you must do so manually from the Add-on tab (Click Here)

4. We have partnered with some other awesome companies who have some great Aloha Now themed products as well. Check out:


Otte Gear

The Woobie

Liberty Bottles

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